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The Lord’s servant must [be] . . . able to teach. . . . God may perhaps grant . . . repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will (2 Timothy 2:24–26).

Each lesson supplies the written-out Scripture for the story, the Bible story itself, “Lessons from This Lesson,” “Activities,” memory verse[s], a suggestion for handwork, and visual aids.

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Although over 250 lessons are posted on this website, many Bible stories are yet to be posted. The Lord willing, the gaps will be filled by adding one or two lessons each week. May you find the existing lessons helpful.

Originally these lessons, including visual aids, were designed to be printed out. Therefore, in order to make the pictures as large as possible, many were rotated to fit a landscape orientation.


Genesis (includes Job)
01.01 Creation 01.02 Details of Creation of Man 01.03 Satan’s Fall
01.04 Creation vs. Evolution 02.01 The Fall 03.01 Cain and Abel
04 Cain through Enoch 05.01 Noah Builds Ark; Animals Come 05.02 Effects of the Flood—Fossils, etc.
05.03 Coming out of the Ark; Giving Thanks; Rainbow 06.01 Babel 07.01 Job (not available yet)
08.01 The Call of Abram 08.02 Abram Sojourns in Egypt 08.03 Abram and Lot Separate
08.04 Abram Rescues Lot 08.05 God’s Promise to Abram (Stars) 08.06 Hagar and Birth of Ishmael
08.07 Covenant Confirmed (names chgd) 08.08 Three Visitors 08.09 Sodom and Gomorrah
08.10 Lot on the Mountain (unavailable) 08.11 and 08.12 Gerar and Birth of Isaac 08.13 and 08.14 Hagar and Abimelech
08.15 Offering Isaac 08.16 Sarah’s Death 08.17 A Bride for Isaac
09.01 Birth of Twins 09.02 Jacob Steals Birthright 09.03 Isaac in Gerar
09.04 Jacob Steals the Blessing 10.01 Jacob Leaves Home; Dreams of Ladder 10.02 Jacob Arrives in Haran
10.03 Jacob Marries Two Wives 10.04 Jacob’s Children 10.05 Conflict with Laban
10.06 Jacob Leaves Haran 10.07 Jacob Goes Home, Wrestles with God 10.08 Jacob Meets Esau
10.09 Dinah in Shechem (unavailable) 10.10 Benjamin Born; Rachel and Isaac Die 11.01 Dreams and Coat
11.02 Joseph Sold 11.03 Joseph in Potiphar’s House 11.04 Joseph in Prison
11.05 Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream 11.06 Joseph Is Ruler 11.07 Judah and Tamar (unavailable)
11.08 Joseph’s Brothers’ First Visit 11.09a Joseph’s Brothers’ Second Visit 11.09b Joseph Known
11.10 Jacob Moves 11.11 Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Children 11.12 Jacob Blesses His Sons and Dies
11.13 Brothers Fear; Joseph Dies
Moses (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)
12.01a Moses – Affliction of People 12.01b Moses – Baby Moses 12.02 Moses Flees
12.03 Moses – Burning Bush 12.04 Moses Returns to Egypt 12.05 Moses’ First Meeting with Pharaoh
12.06a Moses and Plagues 1-512.06b Moses and Plagues 6-9 12.07a Tenth Plague – Passover12.07b Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread; Pillar of Cloud and Fire 12.08a Crossing the Red Sea12.08b Red Sea Song of Deliverance
12.09 Moses- Marah and Elim 12.10 Manna 12.11 No Water at Rephidim
12.12 Holding Up Hands 12.13 Jethro 12.14 Coming to Mount Sinai
12.15 God Gives Laws12.15k 10 Commandments Hangman game 12.16 Moses and Seventy on the Mountain 12.17a Golden Calf12.17b Golden Calf Punishment
12.18 Moses’ Second Time on Mountain, Glory of God 12.19-22 Summary12.19 Tabernacle 12.20 Priests’ Garments and Consecration
12.21 Feasts and Sacrifices
12.21a Old Testament Sacrifices chart12.21b Old Testament Feasts chart
12.22 Fire on the Altar12.23 Nadab and Abihu12.24 Passover, Numbering, Organization 12.25 Moving from Sinai12.26 Seventy Elders and Plague of Quail12.27 Miriam and Aaron Complain Against Moses
12.28 Twelve Spies and Their Report 12.29 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram 12.30 Water at Meribah
12.31 No Passage Through Edom; Aaron’s Death 12.32 Victory at Hormah; Going Around Edom 12.33 Serpent of Bronze
12.34 Victory over Sihon and Og 12.35a Balak and Balaam12.35b Balak and Balaam 12.36 Second Numbering; Midianites Slain
12.37 Two and One-Half Tribes East of Jordan 12.38 Cities of Refuge; Care for Levites 12.39a Writing Pentateuch; Choosing Joshua
12.40a Moses’ Song 12.40b Moses’ Final Words and Death
13.01 Rahab 13.02 Joshua Meets God 13.03 Crossing Jordan
13.04 Jericho 13.05 Achan 13.06 Ai Defeated
13.07 Ebal and Gerizim 13.08 Gibeonites 13.09-11 Compilation of 3 stories
13.09 Joshua’s Long Day 13.10 Other Victories 13.11 Division of Land
13.12 Cities of Refuge 13.13 Two and One-Half Tribes Go Home
13.14 Joshua’s Final Words
Note: Ruth is the eighth character in the era of the Judges. Stories from the book of Judges #14.01–14.07 come before Ruth.
14.08a Ruth Is Faithful 14.08b Ruth Serves 14.08c Ruth Rests
14.08d Ruth Rewarded
14.01 Tribes Conquer 14.02 Establishment of Judges14 Links to Useful Resources in Teaching the Judges 14.03 1st Judge, Othniel
14.04 2nd Judge, Ehud 14.05a Micah and His Priest
14.05a Micah and His Priest 1100 pieces of silver
14.05b The Danites
14.06a War with Benjamin14.06b Benjamin Finds Wives 14.07 3rd Judge, Shamgar   See 14.13a for a composite lesson of Shamgar and two other briefly-noted judges.

Ruth’s story fits here chronologically.

14.09 Fourth Judge, Deborah

14.10a 5th Judge, Gideon’s Call 14.10b 5th Judge, Gideon’s Fleece and Army 14.10c 5th Judge, Gideon’s Victory
14.10d 5th Judge, Gideon’s Lapse 14.11 6th – Abimelech14.12 7th – Tola14.13 8th – Jair 14.13a Shamgar, Tola, Jair    A composite of the lessons for the first 3 briefly-noted judges
14.14a 9th – Jephthah Made Captain14.14b 9th Judge, Jephthah’s Victory and Foolish Vow 14.15 10th Judge, Ibzan14.16 11th Judge, Elon 14.17 12th Judge, Abdon14.17a Ibzan, Elon, Abdon composite lesson
14.18a 13th Judge, Samson Promised Son 14.18b 13th Judge, Samson, His Wife and Riddle 14.18c 13th Judge, Samson, Foxes and a Jawbone
14.18d 13th Judge, Samson, Gaza’s Gate, Delilah’s Deceit 14.18e 13th Judge, Samson, Death
Samuel (1 Samuel)
15.01 Hannah Prays for a Son 15.02 Samuel Is Born, Serves, Gets Coats 15.03 God Speaks to Samuel
15.04 The Ark Is Taken 15.05 The Ark with the Philistines 15.06 The Ark Sent Back
15.07 Samuel Prays; Philistines Attack 15.08 The People Demand a King (See also Saul and David.)
Saul (1 Samuel)
16.01 Saul Anointed King 16.02 Saul Battles Ammonites; Hagrites Defeated 16.03 Samuel’s Instruction at Gilgal; Rain on Harvest
16.04 Saul’s First War with Philistines; Offering Sacrifice 16.05 Jonathan’s Victory over Philistines; Eats Honey 16.06 Saul’s Disobedience with Amalek
David (1&2 Samuel; 1 Chronicles)
17.01 David, the Shepherd 17.02 David Anointed King 17.03 David Plays His Harp for Saul
17.04 David and Goliath 17.05 David Chases Philistines; Friendship with Jonathan 17.06 David Marries Michal
17.07 Michal Saves David 17.08 David Goes to Samuel 17.09 Jonathan’s Arrows Warn David
17.10 David Flees to Nob and Gath17.10a Peblos and His Many Hats 17.11 Cave of Adullam; Priests Slain at Nob17.12 David in Keilah 17.13 David in Wilderness of Ziph17.14 David Spares Saul at Engedi
17.15 David and Nabal17.16 Ziphites Betray; David Spares Saul Again 17.17 David with Achish and at Ziklag 17.18 Ziklag Burned; David Fights the Amalekites17.19 Saul Visits the Witch of Endor
17.20a The Deaths of Saul and Jonathan17.20b David Learns of Saul’s Death 17.21a David Reigns in Hebron17.21b David Reigns in Hebron 17.22 David Reigns Over All Israel17.23 David Fights Philistines; Recaptures Saul’s Losses
17.24 Attempting to Bring Back the Ark 17.25 Returning the Ark 17.26 David’s Desire to Build a Temple
17.27 David’s Victories 17.28 Mephibosheth 17.29 Ammonites Reproach David
17.30 David and Bathsheba 17.31 Absalom and Amnon 17.32 Absalom’s Rebeillion
17.33 Absalom’s End 17.34 David Returns to Jerusalem 17.35 More Kingdom Division
17.36 Famine Because of Saul 17.37 More Philistine Wars; Praising God 17.38 David Numbers the People
17.39 David’s Successor 17.40 David Plans for the Temple; Instructs Levites and Leaders See “17 Bulletin Board of David’s Life” on “Extras” page
18.01 Adonijah, Abiathar, Joab, Shimei 18.02 Solomon Asks for Wisdom 18.03 Solomon’s Building the Temple
18.04 Temple Dedication 18.05 Queen of Sheba 18.06 Proverbs of Solomon
18.07 Solomon’s Backsliding and Death
Kings and Chronicles and Elijah
19.01 Jeroboam and Rehoboam 19.02 Rehoboam’s Death; Jeroboam’s Split Altar 19.03 Jeroboam, Nadab, and Abijah
19.04 Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Asa 20.01 Ahab, Elijah Prophesies Famine, Cherith 20.02 Hiel’s Jericho; Widow of Zarephath
20.03 Mo3unt Carmel 20.04 God Appears on Mt Horeb; Elisha’s Call 20.05 Ahab’s War with Ben Hadad
20.06 Naboth’s Vineyard 20.07 Micaiah, Ahab, and Jehoshaphat 20.08 Ramoth Gilead Battle; Ahab’s Death
20.09 Jehoshaphat’s Reign 20.10 Ahaziah’s Reign A good chart of kings and prophets may be found at “The Boston Christian Bible Study Resources.” Click the “Bible Survey” tab.
Kings and Chronicles and Elisha and Some Prophets
21.01a Elijah’s Translation 21.01b Elisha’s Beginning Ministry 21.02 Joram and Jehoshaphat War Against Moab
21.03 Elisha and the Widow’s Oil 21.04 Shunammite Woman 21.05 Two Food Miracles and Floating Axe Head
21.06 Naaman Healed of Leprosy 21.07 Syrians Made Blind and Let Go 21.08 Samaria under Seige
21.09 Shunammite’s Property; Hazael 21.10a Joram of Judah 21.11 Joram and Jehu; Ahaziah
21.12 Athaliah; Joash Crowned 21.13 Joash Repairs the Temple 21.14 Joel (no lesson)
21.15 Deaths of Jehoiada, Zechariah, and Joash 21.16 Israel’s Jehoahaz; Jehoash; Death of Elisha 21.17 Amaziah of Judah
21.18 Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah 21.19 Isaiah; Amos; Hosea 21.20 Jeroboam; Zechariah; Shallum; Menahem
Jonah Through Josiah

22.1a Jonah and the Whale

22.1b Jonah and the Gourd

22.2 Jotham and Ahaz

22.3 Pekahiah; Pekah; Hoshea; Captivity of Israel

22.4a Hezekiah and Reform

22.4c Hezekiah’s Illness and Death 22.5 Isaiah 22.7 Manasseh-Amon
22.8a Josiah 22.8b Josiah
Jeremiah to Captivity of Judah
23.01 Prophecies of Jesus’ Birth (Christmas Lesson) 23.02 Jehoahaz; Jehoiakim; Jeremiah’s Message; Uriah 23.03 Daniel Does Not Defile Himself
23.04 Jehoiakim Burns the Bible

23.04a 3-column scroll from Jeremiah

23.05 Daniel Interprets King’s Dream 23.06 Habakkuk and the Rechabites
23.07 -Second Deportation, Taking Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin

23.07a 1000 Men

23.08 Jeremiah’s Yoke and Pashur 23.09 Zedekiah; Jeremiah’s Letter to Exiles
23.10-Jeremiah’s Yoke and Hananiah 23.11a Ezekiel’s Picture Prophecies 23.11b Ezekiel’s Picture Preachings
23.13 Jeremiah in Prison 23.14 Jeremiah’s Real Estate 23.15 Jeremiah in a Cistern
23.16 Jerusalem Falls 23.17 Governor Gedaliah 23.18 Jeremiah in Egypt

New Testament

Life of Christ
28.00 Prophecies about Christ 28.01 Announcement of John the Baptist’s Birth 28.02, 03 Annunciation of Jesus’ Birth; Mary Visits Elisabeth
28.04, 05 Birth of John Baptist; Joseph’s Dream 28.06 Birth of Jesus 28.07 Shepherds Worship Baby Jesus
28.08 Simeon and Anna 28.09 The Wise Men 28.10 Going to Egypt & Childhood
28.11 Going to Jerusalem at Age Twelve 28.12 John the Baptizer 28.13 Jesus Is Baptized
28.14 Jesus Is Tempted 28.15 Jesus Chooses Andrew, John, Peter, Philip, Nathanael 28.16 Jesus Makes Water into Wine
28.17 First Cleansing of the Temple 28.18 Nicodemus 28.19 John Baptist Preaching and Imprisoned
28.20 Woman at the Well 28.21 Healing the Nobleman’s Son28.21 Nobleman’s Son Healed booklet 28.22 First Rejection at Nazareth28.22 First Rejection in Nazareth booklet
28.23 Calling Four Fishermen 28.24 Unclean Spirit and Peter’s Mother-in-Law28.24 Jesus Heals in Capernaum booklet 28.25 First Preaching Tour in Galilee28.25 Jesus Preaches and Heals in Galilee booklet
28.26 Catching Fish28.27a The Sermon on the Mount – Beatitudes28.27b Sermon on the Mount – Salt, Light, Law28.27b Righteousness Chart 28.27c Sermon on the Mount – You Have Heard, Pt 128.27c and cc You Have Heard chart28.27cc Sermon on the Mount – You Have Heard It Said, Pt 2 28.27d Sermon on the Mount – Do Alms, Pray, Fast
29 30 31
32 33 34
35 36 37
38 39 40
41 42 43
44 45 46
47 48 49
50 51 52
53 54 55
28.56 Jesus and Pharisees 28.57 The Canaanite Daughter and a Deaf Man Healed 28.58 Feeding 4000
28.59 Magadan and the Pharisees 28.60 Blind Man Healed at Bethsaida 28.61 Blessed Peter; Cursed Peter
28.62 The Transfiguration28.63 Demon-Possessed Boy; Death Predicted 28.64a Taxes in Fish’s Mouth28.64b Who Is Greatest 28.65a Offenses28.65b Forgiveness28.65b 100 days to 200000 years graph
28.66 Is Jesus Going to Jerusalem; Discipleship28.67a At the Feast of Booths28.67aa At the Feast of Booths—Woman in Adultery; Light of the World; Fatherhood of Abraham; Before Abraham 28.67b Man Born Blind28.67c Good Shepherd 67
68 69 70
71 72 73

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