The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise him (Psalm 28:7).
Song Sheet

Most of the songs found on this site are my compositions. In some cases, I have used another author’s words (not published here unless permission is granted) or a traditional tune. Notice that the songs are in chronological order as seen by the chronology number before the title.


To access the audio recording, after clicking the link in the chart, you must click “Open File” in the new box that appears on the page. If the black rectangle is shown in the chart, simply click the play button. Sometimes, the audio is sung lower than the key on the song sheet.


I glued the original visual aid pages for songs about Bible characters (e.g., Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses) in almost-used-up spiral notebooks with the title attached to the cover of the notebook. The other pages are displayed in pairs. Poster board is the format for shorter songs (e.g., “In the Beginning”).

Each song is displayed below with the song sheet first, audio second, and visual third. If one of these elements is missing, you will see the word (none).

caleb’s club theme song:

Old Testament

Genesis and Exodus Songs

Old Testament Books song

(none; use an Old Testament Books chart

01.01 In the Beginning


Noah with His Favored Few song

05.03 Noah with Favored Few


05.03 Rainbow Colors song

05.03 Rainbow Colors acrostic song

05.03 Rainbow colors song

06.01 B-A-B-E-L

06.01 B-A-B-E-L

06.01 God Said Scatter

06.01 God Said Scatter

08.01–.17 Abraham song p108.01–.17 Abraham song p2

08.01-11 Abraham song

08.12 Father Abraham song sheet


08.12 Father Abraham song visual

09.01-04 Isaac

Isaac Song

09.04–10.08 Jacob

Jacob Song

10.01 God Is My Best Friend



11.01–09 Joseph

Joseph Song

11.05 Pharaoh song (no audio or visual)

12.01–.07 Moses Gets Out of Egypt


12.01–.07 Moses Gets Out of Egypt visual

12.08a Who Is Like You

12.08 Who Is Like You song words

12.09 The Water Was Bitter song



12.10 Manna


12.12 Holding Up Hands

12.12 Holding Up Hands song

12.15 Stop! It’s the Law

Stop-Its the Law

Exodus 20.1-17 song sheet

12.15 Exodus 20,1-17 words only

Twelve Men Went to Spy Out Canaan. I have changed the words enough to warrant inclusion here


12.28 Twelve men went to spy out Canaan song

13.01 Joshua 1 and 24 mem song
13.03 How Did Moses-Joshua Cross song sheet.doc


How Did Moses-Joshua Cross visual

15.03 “Samuel” (see below for song sheet)

(See below for audio)

15.03 Samuel song


“Samuel” by Diana Dow found at (I wrote a second verse for this song.)

New Testament

New Testament Books song



28.08 Simeon and Anna song



28.09 The Wise Men song

28.10 Jesus Was a Little Baby 28.11 Going to the Temple
28.13 John Baptized Jesus song

28.14 Jesus Tempted 28.16 Water to Wine song



28.16 Jesus Is the Son of God 28.21 Nobleman’s Son 28.27a-g Jesus Said It on the Mountain song sheet


28.27a-g Jesus Said It song visual

28.29 Centurion’s Servant 28.31 Wind and Waves Obey

28.33 Borne of Four

28.40 Man with Withered Hand 28.43 Widow’s Son Raised 28.45 Washing Feet with Tears
28.49 The Kingdom of Heaven
28.64b Little Children



28.65b Forgive, Forgive song sheet



28.67b Made to See song



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