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Helps for Helpers

“Who/What Am I?” Review Cards

Bulletin Boards

Puppet Scripts

Contents and Schedules for Bible club or Sunday School

Children’s Tracts

Helps for Helpers in Sunday School and Children’s Church

Helps for Helpers

“Who/What Am I?” Review Cards

Although I went to Sunday School every week and although I attended my mother’s weekly Bible class, I think “Who Am I?” cards set Bible characters and events in my mind as nothing else did.

Who Am I – Genesis

Who Am I -Exodus – Deuteronomy

Who Am I – Joshua
Bulletin Boards
08.06–12.03 What Happened at Wells bulletin board 12.10 Feeding the Hebrews Bulletin Board 17 Bulletin Board of David’s Life

17 Bulletin Board Labels for David’s Life

Jesus Is God visual

This visual takes up a whole wall.

Puppet Scripts
08.01, 08.17, 10.07 Camille Camel Donkey Sam Thorny Seahorse puppet script (Red Sea)
12.14 and .40a Edith Eagle puppet script Willa Whale
Contents and Schedules for Bible Club or Sunday School
Genesis Contents

Genesis Student Booklet

Moses Schedule

Moses Student Booklet

Joshua, Judges, Ruth Schedule

Joshua, Judges, Ruth Student Booklet

Children’s Tracts


A Halloween tract to give with a PayDay candy bar

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